If we offend, it is with good will. That you should think we come not to offend but with good will.


Will & Company was started with a simple vision: actors reflecting their audience. The simplicity of this mission stops with the statement. Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the world with its different ethnicities, languages, physical abilities, political forums and socio-economics. To accurately represent the people of Los Angeles is to ask to represent the people of the world. And so Will & Company sought out members who would represent and reflect the City of Angels. This struggle for diversity was not necessarily a political agenda as much as it was an artistic one, a concept often masked by buzz words such as "multiculturalism".

We strive for egalitarianism and unity in our artistic adventure. We look to present work that shatters stereotypes of color, of creed, of ability, of gender. We want to provoke discussion, evoke emotion, incite action, encourage change. Can this be done by something as seemingly trivial as "entertainment"?   Yes, we believe it can. If you can make them cry you can make them feel, if you can make them laugh you can make them think, if you can make them angry you can make them take action!

For centuries, the theatre has been the forum for new thought and outspoken ideas. Will & Company continues this tradition with classical work such as Shakespeare in an untraditional manner: we took the infamous 'Scottish play' and turned it into the 'Aztec Tragedy' by setting "Macbeth" in the Valley of Mexico, retelling the slaughter of a pantheistic religion and the destruction of a culture; we turned the whimsical comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" into an earthy Native American spirit world with the backdrop of red rocks in Sedona, Arizona. We take Shakespeare from his old world English language and breathe new life with vigor and energy. We challenge political correctness with new works such as "Faces of America" dealing with so-called multiculturalism in the doomed Generation of X. We awaken environmental consciousness by touring elementary schools with the interactive performance "Canopy" showing our children the beauty of nature and clean cities. We cultivate tomorrow's theatre-going audience with "Bring Students to the Theatre", a program that holds special low-priced weekday matinees of our mainstage shows. We entertain by showing people who they are.

We find actors who speak the languages of Los Angeles, from East L.A. barrios to Beverly Hills mansions, from community college students to Emmy award winners, we strive to search for those who understand our culture that reflects all cultures. "We few, we happy few", continue on in our journey, forcing ourselves to stand even when we have been shot down so that we may continue in our craft and hope that through the years we find more of us who will help bring our art to more people, all the while, reflecting their audience.