3 cents per person.

    That's how much the state allots for the arts. California provides the lowest per capita funding for the arts in the entire United States,less than Mississippi, DC and Guam. Our state is last among all fifty in allocation of funding for community arts programs. The arts can only be kept alive by financial assistance from individuals and corporate sponsorship.

    Become a grass roots philanthropist!

    Will & Company remains dedicated to providing theatre and literacy programs at a low cost.  And still, many students cannot afford it, or their school has an increasingly limited arts budget.

    Sponsor a school to experience the arts, whether on their campus or at a working professional theatre. Sponsored on-campus presentations start at less than $700. Or give the gift of a theatrical experience with a field trip starting as low as $10 per student. Your tax-deductible donation can be assigned to a school on our list or a school of your choice.

    Contact Sam Robinson for more details.