Working closely with administrators and teachers has enabled us to construct a standards-based Arts Education program that will satisfy academic needs as well as artistic enrichment.

  • ARTISTIC PERCEPTION - Processing, analyzing and responding to the arts
  • Following all performances Will & Company artists lead a Question and Answer session. At the conclusion of each workshop, participants evaluate and respond to learning in the session.

  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION - Creating, performing and participating in the arts
  • Students from your school are invited to participate in the performance! Will & Company artists train your students, give them a costume piece and they perform alongside professional artists! * Workshops are interactive and hands-on. Long-term residencies include a student culmination

  • HISTORICAL & CULTURAL CONTEXT - Contributions and dimensions of the arts, past & present
  • Historical connections: Robin Hood (Medieval Times), The Odyssey (Ancient Greece), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Elizabethan England), A Christmas Carol (Victorian England), Don Quixote (The Golden Age of Spain).
  • AESTHETIC VALUING - Making critical judgments and deriving meaning in the arts
  • Students evaluate the performance they saw, and critique their own involvement in the workshops and culminating projects.

  • CONNECTIONS, RELATIONS, APPLICATIONS - (Connecting and applying to other arts & subject areas
  • Language Arts: Poetry, Beginning/Middle/End, Character, Conflict/Resolution, Public Speaking. History: Medieval Times, Ancient Greece, Elizabethan England, The Industrial Revolution, Victorian England, The Golden Age of Spain. Science: Hazardous Waste, Recycling.