Latinos Shaping a Nation

Fifty Years On – Latinos Shaping A Nation explores America’s social justice issues that have been shaped by the Latino/Hispanic community.

The topics include:

Fifty Years On    That was then, this is now – the ‘browning’ of America.

Jury of our Peers    Gustavo Garcia was the first Hispanic to argue before the Supreme Court winning for all Americans  a ‘jury of our peers.’ Sadly, Latinos are still falling victim to our ‘justice system.’

Andrea Perez – Same sex marriage would not be possible today without the amazing stand taken by this Chicana in California more than fifty years ago.

Latina    Latina activists and the fight for social justice have gone hand in hand throughout America’s struggles for true democracy. The fight goes on.

Sterilization    Driven by the U.S. government, the largest sterilization program the world has ever seen took place in Puerto Rico. It still takes place in other states today.

Transgender    Caitlyn Jenner may receive the Arthur Ashe award, but it was a Latino transgender, Sylvia Rivera, who first started the ‘gay revolution,’  and fought for transgender rights.