In It Together

The subjects presented in this 65-minute, 3-actor, multimedia production take us on a journey of inclusion through America’s multicultural history, portraying;

Prologue – a summary of race discrimination in American history.

The Sedgwick Pie – the story of Elizabeth Freeman, the first African American Civil Rights activist, and her link to W.E.B. Dubois and Kevin Bacon.

Birth Right – three Asian Americans; Won Kim Ark, Takao Osawa, and Bhagat Singh Thind gained for all Americans, native-born and immigrant, the right to jus soli – “right of the soil.”

Latina – minimum wage, the eight-hour work day, and the right to organize in America were won, in great part, by three Latina activists for social justice: Emma Tenayuca, Luisa Moreno, and Lucy Parsons.

Native Honor – 90 African American, 60 Latinos, 30 Asian American, 1 woman, and 28 Native Americans have been awarded America’s highest medal for courage.

Don’t Sit On It – first came the Freedom Riders, then the Sit-In Movement. The culmination of these amazingly courageous actions, by hundreds of Americans, black and white, was the Civill Rights Act of 1964.

Epilogue – are we at the ‘one day’ of Dr. King, or still looking at each other through our melanin-colored glasses?