You want to learn who you are? Start with this play. Wow. This is a must.  

Southern Black Student Leadership Conference, Texas A&M

THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom, your passion, and your talents with our students. I truly believe you planted many seeds in the students’ formation of their cultural identities.

University of Connecticut, Storrs

One of the greatest pieces I have seen on presenting what is not taught.

Johnson & Wales, Miami, Florida

You guys were amazing! Thank you so much for coming. We’ll be in touch! I am so inspired!

Salem State University, Massachusetts

I so loved this theater college road show that stopped by. It was very uplifting. Several moments really got to me, and I couldn’t help but tear up a bit as what was portrayed is EXACTLY what I feel.

Dallas Community College – North Lake

Where do I begin? Thanks for a spectacular performance.

Citrus College, California

Soul of a Nation is one of the most powerful and insightful performances I have ever been a part of.

Louisiana State University – Monroe

The performance was extraordinarily well-received and delivered a powerful impact. You have a place at this university and in this world!

University of Georgia

People who attended the performance still talk about the impact the play had upon them, and the new things they learned, even of Puerto Rican history.

Hablando de Filantropia – Puerto Rico

Thanks again for a fantastic presentation. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay

Thank you for teaching my sons what they can become. 

Montana State University, Billings. MT

It was an absolute pleasure. We had many people comment to us directly on how they were moved and inspired by your performance.

Southern Utah University

The actors’ portrayals were truly phenomenal. The play inspired the cadets to reflect on the importance of fairness and leading a diverse force. This knowledge will truly enhance the ability of our junior officers.

United States Coast Guard Academy

I needed that today.

Marist College, New York