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based in Los Angeles and touring the nation.

A series of One Person Shows based on interviews and research from across the country. These are the stories of young Americans and the issues that concern them.

The second in a series of One Person Shows presented by Will & Company, THE NEW FACES uses the original's format to present stories which stretch the issue of diversity to include social topics as well as multicultural ideas. Like its predecessor, THE NEW FACES is a 65 minute, one woman show presenting characters (taken from real interviews) of 7 incredibly different backgrounds.

In this 65 minute live one person show, you will hear the stories of:

  • A Female Biracial College Student

  • A Southern Gay Minister

  • A Young Female Veteran from the Iraq War

  • A Native American Teenager

  • A Young Migrant Worker

  • An Appalachian College Student

  • A Deaf African-American



Partial List:

Carroll College

University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Fresno State

Northern Arizona University

University of Northern Colorado

Colin Cox, Writer/Director, is the Founding Artistic Director of Will & Company and hails from Stonehenge, England and started his career as a research biochemist, with a specialty in oncology. At the same time, he was an actor with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. His plays have been on the college circuit since 1996.


Carolyn Zeller, Performer, was part of the inaugural MFA Acting class from USC (University of Southern California). The Master's program is run by Andrew J. Robinson. She is a bilingual actor.


Please note: Due to schedules, we cannot guarantee that the above mentioned performers will be available on certain dates.

Utilizing video segments to introduce each piece, The New Faces is a multi-media presentation that is sure to capture your audiences. View one of the segments in the video below.




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