Addressing Race & Ethnicity
Stretching the issues of diversity
African-American, Latino and Women's History
The Life & Times of John Shelby Spong


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is “Portraits of Courage: African-Americans You Wish You Had Known”?
A: “POC: African-American” is a 65 minute live theatrical presentation with a cast of two actors, one male and one female enacting historical characters who have made a significant impact on our society.

Q: Does it have to be performed in a theatre?
A: The ideal venue for the show would be a theatre. However, the show is often presented in multi-purpose rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, hotel ballrooms, etc. The production manager will work with you to create the right atmosphere in whatever space is available to you.

Q: Is it appropriate for children?
A: “Portraits” is based on fact and contains some issues of violence in American history. The most appropriate age would be high school and above.

Q: What if I can't meet the technical needs in the tech pack?
A: The tech pack is written with the ideal venue of a full scale theatre, but we are extremely flexible and will work with the demands/limitations of your chosen space. If you have specific concerns, please call us at 818.779.1180. Our motto is “We?ll make it work!”

Q: Who can book the show?
A: Our shows are available to any group from colleges to corporate to community events. Government agencies as well as high school districts have selected our shows to celebrate cultural awareness or for diversity training. The show is also great for conferences and can fulfill the diversity requirement.

Q: Can we videotape the performance? What about photographs?
A: Unfortunately, there can be no videotaping of the show. We do not recommend photography during the show as it is very distracting to both the audience and the performers. However, if it must be done, there can be no flash use and the photographer must stay on the sidelines and not directly in front of the stage. The best time to take photos is after the show when the performers can pose specific shots. Permission granted to photographers allows for Will & Company's promotional use of any and all photographs related to the show.

Q: How do I book the show?
A: Call us at 818.779.1180 or email our office.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We traditionally work on a sliding scale with special pricing for colleges and non-profits.  Please call 818.779.1180 or email to receive a quote.

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Portraits of Courage
African-Americans You Wish You Had Known

Running Time: 65 minutes (no intermission)
Appropriate for: all ages
Travels with: 2 performers, 1 Stage Manager
Post show discussion available
Cost: call for quote

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