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based in Los Angeles and touring the nation.

A series of One Person Shows based on interviews and research from across the country. These are the stories of young Americans and the issues that concern them. Groundbreakingly contemporary, this series examines current issues which relate to people all across the country through a multi-media experience that merges video presentations with a live performer, making it an exciting and fast-paced edu-tainment piece like no other!

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

Following innumerable post-show discussions, personal requests and individual interviews, Will & Company has created its third One Person production in our multicultural and socially diverse Faces of America series.

This new play presents characters requested by the next generation of college audiences from the entire United States. These are the topics they want discussed. These are the diversity issues they feel need to be addressed. These are their challenges.


The list of characters is as follows:


Two Spirit - a Native American 'bade' talks of the constant abuse she must endure as a transgender off the reservation.

Black Man Walking - a black, NYU graduate student is falsely accused of a crime and discovers the horrific racism prevalent in America's justice system.


Veiled Intent - a Muslim-American student addresses the American fear of the hijab and the place of Arab Americans in the United States in a post 911 generation.

Mija - a Latina single mother, college student struggles with her desire for a career, motherhood and the cultural expectations placed upon her.


Body Image - an Asian-American student talks of being trapped by anorexia and the demands made on American women with regards to body image.


Stigma - an autistic college student, bruised by free speech demanding comedians and cyberbullying, asks for empathy for the intellectually disabled.

National Orientation Directors Association 2012 Showcase

Carroll College

Fresno State University

Lynn University

Northern Arizona University

Providence College

Roger Williams University

University of New England, Biddeford

University of New England, Portland

University of Northern Colorado

University of Wisconsin in Whitewater


Colin Cox, Writer/Director, is the Founding Artistic Director of Will & Company and hails from Stonehenge,
England and started his career as a research biochemist,
with a specialty in oncology. At the same time, he was an
actor with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. His plays have been on the college circuit since 1996.


Amielynn Abellera, Performer, is a proud 2011 graduate of USC's MFA in Acting program. She has since appeared in Aladdin's Luck (MainStreet Theatre), Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them (Artists at Play), Dusty de los Santos (Katselas Theatre), The Other Woman Experimental Workshop (Berkeley Repertory Theatre), Buffalo'ed (San Jose Stage), and Wind Chimes (Company of Angels). She also appeared in the short films Mother & Child (Comcast Award) and Paulina (Directors Guild of America Award, Cecil Award-Best Film), which continue to screen in film festivals across the United States. See her next in the world premiere of Forget My Name at Son of Semele in May 2013. www.amielynnabellera.com


Please note: Due to schedules, we cannot guarantee that the above mentioned performers will be available on certain dates.


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